Assignment: Character Interview

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For this exercise, I’ve chosen the character Sherlock Holmes on the TV show “Elementary” (as seen on CBS). The following is a list of questions (15) about the character.

1. Name – Sherlock Holmes.

2. Age – I am assuming that he is in his mid-forties.

3. Job – I am a consulting detective for the New York Police Department.

4. From – London.

5. Hobbies – The current-day Holmes does not have any apparent hobbies, though he does attempt to fool car alarms to keep himself preoccupied. He also conducts his own experiments in order to prove or disprove a theory.

6. Family – Has an older brother, Mycroft, who was working for MI6. Sherlock has had a strained relationship with his brother, though they both have a similar level of intelligence, or at least exceptional observation skills. He has an absent father who is quite wealthy and provides a fund for Sherlock.

7. Back story – Holmes is a recovering drug addict. He had become involved with a woman (Irene Adler) in London who may have been the only person that Holmes has ever loved. Holmes’ addiction grew out of control and Holmes left London on the verge of disgrace. (Spoiler alert!) We find out later in the series that Adler is really Moriarty, Holmes’ nemesis. Holmes came to New York to begin rehab and reassemble his life, and his father hired a sober companion to ensure that he would not revert. Enter Joan Watson.

8. Attitude about life – Holmes keeps himself immersed in work as a detective in order to avoid the quiet moments when he might think about Irene/Moriarty and to avoid the monotony of life. It is in those moments that we see that he is vulnerable and likely to revert to his use of heroin. He finds sobriety to be taxing and tedious. He doesn’t appreciate small talk, and he can be socially abrupt at times. He can’t “turn off” his hyper observation skills, so he tends to “know” a lot about the people he encounters, probably too much.

9. Appearance – dresses like a geek, though he is fairly fit. Has several tattoos which are usually covered under this clothing.

10. How perceived by others – he is seen as quirky, too intelligent, difficult to manage, abrupt, and unusual.

11. Friends and associates – Dr. Joan Watson (work partner); Kitty Winter (protege); Capt. Gregson, NYPD; Detective Bell, NYPD; Irene Adler/Moriarty (lover); Alfredo (AA sponsor); Miss Hudson (friend he assisted in the past).

12. Financial status – Holmes comes from a wealthy family in London. He gets a stipend from his father and earns money as a consultant. He owns a flat in London and a brownstone in New York.

13. Favorite animal – his pet turtle, Clyde.

14. Favorite food – Food is not an indulgence for Holmes, just a means to an end.

15. Favorite music – whatever suits him at the moment. Knows how to play classical violin, though he rarely plays because it reminds him too much of his childhood.


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