Assignment: Create a Character

Ugh! I did my first assignment incorrectly. I had analyzed an existing character, Sherlock Holmes, but I was supposed to create my own character (fictional, or at least mostly fictional) and “interview” him or her. The point was to develop a character and use the interview questions to help round out the character by adding details and dimensions.

It’s been years (no exaggeration!) since I’ve done any creative writing, so this assignment of creating a character I’m finding to be more of a challenge than I anticipated. So here goes:

  1. Name: undecided, but for the sake of this exercise, let’s call him Waryn (sounds like Warren)
  2. Age: mid-50s
  3. Job or School: Waryn is a writer.
  4. From: somewhere in the Midwest. He’s lived most, if not all, of his life in the Midwest.
  5. Back story: Waryn has published a few small books, mostly historical in nature. Because he has written a few books, he’s become the local celebrity in his small, Midwestern town. He’s gotten rather comfortable with that, and even likes that he’s rubbing elbows with some of the “important” people in town. Unfortunately, the breadth of his celebrity status does not extend as far as he believes. And to make matters worse, he hasn’t published anything in over 25 years. He “works” at several book projects, but hasn’t been able to get a book project done in some time.
  6. Biggest fear: that he will be unappreciated or unacknowledged; that he will leave this earth without leaving his mark.
  7. Issues/Struggle: He craves the life of a “good ol’ boy” where he would be connected and seemingly important. However he struggles with social situations. He likes to use social media to make contact with women, lots of women. Unfortunately, the women he becomes involved with in real life are emotionally damaged in some way.
  8. Hobbies/interests: Likes sports, but doesn’t actually play any sports. Thinks he’s very knowledgeable about sports, especially football and basketball. He likes to use social media to troll for women who look interesting to him.
  9. Appearance: White. Tidy, but overweight. He’s more likely to be found wearing sweats than any other type of clothing. Reasonably good looking and going gray.
  10. How perceived by others: He can talk a good game, so most people think of him as intelligent. Because of his minor celebrity status, most people think that he has money.
  11. Family: He’s the youngest in a family of six. He corresponds with his family on an occasional basis. Has an ex-wife, no kids.
  12. Attitude about life: Fairly upbeat most of the time, but would really spend most of his time at home. He keeps most of his internal struggle to himself, sharing only carefully selected parts of his life with friends.
  13. Financial status: Scraping by on the royalties from his books. He has a nice collection of antiques in his home, but none of them have any sentimental value to him. He keeps them to keep up appearances.
  14. Favorite music: Always been a country fan, but also likes some rock and roll.
  15. Pets: Has a pet cat (name?)–likes that the cat is independent and doesn’t require much maintenance.



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