Response – Alive

Reading: Alive by Sharon Solwitz

Impressions: This was an interesting look inside the mind of a ten-year-old boy, Dylan. Even though Dylan is a boy, I could relate to some of his thoughts. What was most distinctive was that subconscious thought that you (as a child) could do/try anything and there would be no consequences.

It was interesting to note the extremes of highs and lows that Dylan felt. In the beginning of the story he feels that he’s “trapped in a world without joy or the possibility of joy.” Later as his mother talks to him about going skiing, it goes to the other extreme: “He was filled, suddenly, with love for his mother so vast and profound that he was struck silent.” It’s been a while, but I suppose that is what the life of a ten-year-old can be like! As a child, when you do finally get what you want, everything seems so wonderful.

I was intrigued by the red coat described in the story worn by the girl Lindsey. The visual clue reminded me of the movie, “The Sixth Sense,” in which M. Night Shyamalan used the color red as a clue to the twists in the story. Lindsey does something that effects the events of this story. I don’t know if the red coat was an intentional clue on the author’s part, but it was appreciated.


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