Response – The Sound Gun

Reading: The Sound Gun by Matthew Darby

Impressions: I’m not sure that I’m getting the full picture of the what’s happening in this story. I understood that this story is set in a war, though I’m not sure who is fighting the war or why.

When I first read the line “write it down in your wish journal,” I chuckled because I thought it was sarcasm. I thought, “What a great thing it would be to say to someone who is whining to me about something they wanted but didn’t have.” But as I read further into the story, I realized that it wasn’t sarcasm at all. The world that is described in this story is not a happy one, and it’s not a reasonable one either. This story felt very much like a sci-fi/fantasy story.

The sound gun itself is an interesting weapon, though it is not any more efficient at killing than any other weapon that can do a broad range of damage. The descriptions of the settings on the sound gun were almost comical, yet the settings are exactly as described.

We see the story from the viewpoint of the commanding officer of this unit with the sound gun. He’s not a likeable character; in fact, I question if he even has a conscience. He mindlessly follows the orders for their “mission.” Unfortunately no one seems to know what their mission is anymore.


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