Today is the third day of my spring cold. I don’t always get a cold in the spring, and it’s not quite spring in the Midwest yet. But I don’t know what else to label it as, so I’ll just call it my spring cold.

It occurred to me that during an illness, my perceptions of my environment and even people around me are not as sharp as they could be. Things are not as obvious to me, in fact I miss observing some things because my senses are in the midst of an onslaught of overabundant mucus and other yucky things. It’s a lot like a narrowing of vision, like wearing blinders. My peripheral vision has narrowed, and it seems that if an object is not right in front of me, it doesn’t register.

Which leads me to my other thought… we’ve learned about the five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. Whoever decided that there are only five senses was a bit shortsighted. (No pun intended.) Maybe that was just a generalization taught to us as schoolkids, but then no one ever followed up and taught us about other senses. Like that feeling you get when you’re in a moving car–even if you had your eyes closed, you know that you’re body is moving (or being moved). Somehow your body is perceiving that it is in motion. Or have you ever had the feeling that something was coming up from behind you or going to hit you in the back of the head? That instinctive reaction to duck or flinch that comes before the actual object reaches you–what is that?

I could spend some time researching this subject. I’m sure that I will find scientific data to confirm my suspicions. A quick Google search yields several good leads including an article at But for now, I’ve got to do something about the growing pressure in my sinuses. Ugh.

Thanks for reading, and be well.


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