Response – A Method to the Madness

Reading: “A Method to the Madness” by Travis Banet (Fiction Workshop)

Impressions: I liked the surprise or unexpected turn of events of this story. I wasn’t expecting that the father would admit to the line of work that he had been in.

The use of the imagery in certain lines was very effective (most of which have to do with alcohol):
p. 3 – “… with the slight stench of bourbon rolling from his nostrils.”
p. 4 – “…his father paused and belched a soft plume of bourbon.”
p. 5 – “James watched the amber brown liquid flirt with the edge of the glass treating to spill over the lip of the glass.”

One of the characters that we are introduced to in the beginning of the story, Charlie, disappears later in the story. I’m not sure how his character figured in to the building of the story.

I wanted to learn more about what kept this family together. Under the same circumstances, most families would have fallen apart, either by divorce or abandonment. What holds these people together?


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