Response: Visiting Writer – Alice Friman

The Purdue Visiting Writers Series is sponsored by the MFA Program in Creative Writing, the English Department, the Thomas H. Scholl Fund and the College of Liberal Arts.

Visiting Writer: Alice Friman
Date: April 2, 2015

I walked into this live reading “cold.” That is, I hadn’t read anything by Alice Friman prior to this live reading. I was not disappointed, not in the least!

I was most impressed by the personality of our poet. There is a frankness to Alice Friman that is both humorous and touching. Her words are unfiltered and yet profound. And her poetry is enlightening and on point. I managed to capture a few lines in my notebook. (I remembered to bring it this time!)

“Nothing is as cruel or sweeter than the shortness of our days.”

“Who am I to write the user’s manual for a life?”

I admire that she is not afraid of life and all of its accoutrements. She’s bold without being brash. She asks the questions that we should all be asking. She is not distracted by the “small stuff” and the things that mire us down. What a great opportunity it was to see and hear her!