Sitting around a campfire

Source: Wikimedia
Source: Wikimedia

Speak softly to me
under star-lit skies
surrounded by the cool of the night
warmed by glow of a dancing fire.

Share with me the memories
of youth and adventure
of trials and triumph
and of your loves and fears.

Listen with me
to the song of crickets and frogs
that seek in the night
another to join the chorus.

Show me your dreams,
how they haunt you and guide you
and how the fire in your eyes
is more than just a reflection.

Tell me a story
of how your heart was broken
and in spite of the pain
it was mended and became whole again.

Reveal your scars
from a fall from a tree
that bested you in strength
but not in determination.

Be my friend,
hear my sorrows,
share in my pain,
and then my lover.

Open your heart to me
for the night is our veil
that keeps our secrets
and teases our hopes.