A Short Story a Day Helps Keep the Yips Away

The deeper I delve into my writing research and writing studies, the more I run into the concept of being well-read. The idea is that in order to write well, you should read a lot, and not just a lot of drivel but good works. I know from personal experience that I tend to be more inspired to write by reading good works, especially when I dabble with poetry. (I say “dabble” because I don’t feel like I’ve got the hang of poetry yet.) And my inspired writing is definitely better than my less-than-inspired writing.

If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others; read a lot and write a lot. – Stephen King

So my personal assignment is each week to find some good short stories to read. I’ve just started the “Twenty Great American Short Stories” as a way to get started. You can join along if you like. I’m basically starting at at the top of the list and working my way down. If you have any short stories to suggest, please pass them on. I’m certain that there are more great short stories than those listed above.


Source: Memerial.net
Source: Memerial.net